Value-Based Reimbursement Expert Solutions

MedNavigate Founder Nancy Hedlund, PhD, MBA, RPh offers the following expertise to your medical device, healthcare technology, or pharmaceutical company to guide you in outcomes-based reimbursement:

Guide Commercialization Decisions

Better understand current health service utilization associated with one or more disease states and affected patient population(s).

Develop Effective Study Protocols

Obtain support with your randomized control trials (RCT) cohort selection and the development of study protocol aligned with real-world clinical pathways and treatment practices.

Achieve Best Health Outcomes and Economic Value

Demonstrate that your on-market technology/device provides the best health outcomes and economic value for targeted patient populations.

Supplement Clinical Trials Data for Marketing Applications

Aggregate real-world evidence (RWE) to supplement clinical trial data in marketing application authorization submissions, discussions with health authorities, and risk-based contracting agreements.

Develop New Commercial Models That Fit Health Systems & Payers

Use RWE to guide the development of new commercial models and provide leverage for partnership conversations between life science companies and health systems.

Measure the Impact of Your Product on Cost and Quality

Measure the real-world impact of your technology on the cost and quality of patient care.

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