A Real-World Evidence Consultancy

In today’s marketplace your healthcare company must consider not only the safety and efficacy of its products, but also how to keep patient populations healthier at a lower overall cost.

MedNavigate is a healthcare consultancy that understands how to tap into real world evidence (RWE) to create solutions for your medical device, healthcare technology or pharmaceutical company. The healthcare niche consultancy offers a variety of solutions to guide commercialization decisions, develop effective study protocols, and to demonstrate optimal real-world health outcomes for healthcare companies, patients and payers.

Led by HEOR Consultant Nancy Hedlund, PhD, MBA, RPh, MedNavigate provides the expertise your company needs to achieve success in the current health, economic and research outcome-based (HEOR) marketplace. Dr. Hedlund is also a noted speaker who can help your organization stay informed on real-world evidence and outcomes.

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