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Founded by Dr. Nancy Hedlund, MedNavigate is a limited liability corporation (LLC) which is closely affiliated with a team of independent scientific and strategic healthcare industry advisors standing ready to shine a beacon of light during your product’s journey from discovery through commercialization.  Our team works closely with early to mid-cap bio-pharmaceutical and medical device corporations, leveraging respective decades of scientific and leadership experiences, to help your organization to reach your North Star destination.

ABOUT Nancy Hedlund PhD, MBA, RPh

Nancy Hedlund

Dr. Nancy Hedlund is the founder and principal consultant for MedNavigate LLC. Her personal mission at MedNavigate is to enable emerging to mid-size life sciences companies to design and execute strategies and tactics which utilize real-world evidence as a complement to clinical trials and/or other predicate proof points. Nancy and her team support each client by acting as scientifically driven and engaged partners on their pathway to success.

Nancy herself is an analytical and strategic advisor who combines thought leadership, extensive life sciences industry experience, and advanced training in observational study design techniques to synthesize data collected from real-world data platforms.  Her value based stories and solutions are backed by real-world evidence (RWE).

Health Economics and Real-World Data Consultant

Dr. Hedlund has partnered as an external consultant with companies such as PTC Therapeutics, Prolong Pharmaceuticals, Hollister, Deloitte, Northshore University Health Systems, and several early stage pharmaceutical companies, providing guidance and analytical support to multiple key projects.

Her extensive resume includes industry experience with Syapse, Astellas, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Hospira (a Pfizer Company) and AmerisourceBergen, in addition to nearly 15 years of institutional clinical experience as a registered pharmacist.  She has built out numerous teams, and partnered with medical and marketing leaders across matrix organizations of all sizes to develop and execute RWD-backed evidence strategies and tactics to understand patient care and enable product adoption.

REgulatory Pathways Speaker

A noted speaker, Dr. Hedlund is a frequent guest lecturer at Northwestern University on the topics of  ‘Use of Real-World Evidence in Drug Development and Regulatory Submissions’ and ‘Clinical Study Design and Statistical Analysis.’  She is also a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the International Society of Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research (ISPOR), Women in BIO (WIB), and the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA).

Read Dr. Hedlund’s Selected Publications and Case Studies
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