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medical-device-case study

A medical device company engaged MedNavigate for three challenges.

Discovering Treatment Patterns And Healing Rates

The first challenge was to generate insights about patients with chronic, hard-to-heal wounds. MedNavigate helped the company to understand which external data sources could be useful to gain insight into current treatment practices and associated healing rates for this patient population. The consultancy not only generated the knowledge but also provided training to the medical device company’s internal team. This learning and training enabled the device company to “learn to fish” rather than having an ongoing dependence on MedNavigate.

Obtaining Value from Previously Licensed Data

The second quandary was to review a data asset previously licensed by the device company that was thought to have minimal end value. MedNavigate was able to assist with effectively querying the dataset and recommended additional record fields to make the dataset more powerful and robust. Dr. Nancy Hedlund then negotiated with the data-licensing vendor on the organization’s behalf, resulting in the procurement of these additional record fields at no additional cost to the company. At the same time, Dr. Hedlund partnered with the internal clinical and market access teams to create a product catalog to produce clinically meaningful summary statistics that ultimately led to the development of multiple conference abstracts.

Identifying Relevant Competitive Research

The third task MedNavigate accepted was to conduct a thorough search of the medical literature and database for two distinct therapeutic indications. This enabled the medical device company to identify relevant competitors and corresponding research produced by each. MedNavigate also compiled summary evidence tables and an informative presentation for sharing of findings across the company.

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